Introducing the marvelous Unmanned Underwater Robotic Vehicle that the world waited for...

Introducing the first of its kind in the world- Air/Underwater Unmanned Robotic Vehicle

The unique UUV which is developed by PatentAgentip Engineers is the only one of its kind of robotic vehicle that is able to straddle both air and water. Designed and patented to serve as a surveillance vehicle in the maritime environment. UUV is designed to be capable of manoeuvring in both air and water. That is its uniqueness! It in a way defies engineer's logic. It will spend most of its time in water, near the surface doing surveillance work.

Designed with a multitude of sensors and together with its accompanying mother ship whilst under stealth mode, it goes about tracking the behaviour of small encroaching vessels, especially those that are doing illegal activities like refugee smuggling, drug smuggling and illegal fishing activities. By this way, it stays in the forefront to do surveillance work, while leaving its mother ship at a safe distance. Once having moved near the encroaching vessel, it will fly into the air and out of the water to take a closer look at on-board vessel activities and thence to send captured data to its accompanying mother vessel for interdiction decisions. It is also capable of anti-vessel, anti-mine and anti-submarine sorties with its deep diving enhanced version. Commercial duties include harbour monitoring in air and water medium where it is capable of being program to return to base by itself.