TOKSECRET PLATFORM - trading in trade secrets

tokenization of trade secrets


TOKSECRET is where you can buy and sell trade serects (in digital forms).

If you are interested in part owning tokens of trade secret, you may want to take a look at the various trade secrets offered for part owning here

Only upon request to quote the licensing code number shown on IP Licensing Broker , we will then tell you about the token price that you have to adhere to.

All transactions will be accorded smart contract basis through a block chain platform. Contracts are binding and irrevocable.

All of the trade secrets tokens have been fractionalised for easy sale. If you are a part of the owner, then you may also sell your part back to the organisation at a price you deemed appropriate. Trade Secrets are based on the different unique processes that you need to design the unique item for the market. There will be a limited number of owners of the trade secrets so that your share of it will appreciate in time - you can take it as a limited licensee. Licensing trade secrets could also mean licensing your digital assets like enterprise knowhow and others that can be issued in a digital form.

An alternative to buying trade secret tokens

If you are not comfortable with buying of NFT tokens, then you may subscribe to the license via direct negotiations. For this exercise, most trade secrets are divided into five portions, each of it is valued at a certain price to be determined through direct negotiation. Of course you may want to own all the portions so that it will give you an exclusive license. Buying license through direct negotiation was introduced due to the uncertainties with tokens in view of the collapse of FTX in November 2022. Please be reminded that all trade secrets are fully and technically documented and are deposited in a safe deposit box. If you are interested, the please contact us for details.