Tokenization of Intellectual Property

increase your net worth with tokenization of ip rights

What is Tokenization of intellectual property rights?

To Tokenize a property means to put a non-indicative word called 'Token' as a share of the total property (you will not get to know the value of the total property) that investors can buy. An example is when you tokenize your intellectual property (it could be a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret) - your property (share) will be valued in smaller value (fractioner) so that investors whether small or big can more easily buy into. Tokenization Program is structured in block chains and when investors buy into it using smart contracts framework, the agreement cannot be changed. Compared to the conventional way in which investors buy shares, buying shares from a Fractioner Tokenized Framework will mean that investors can buy just a small part of the property instead of having to fork out a large sum of money to acquire just a single share as offered by a public share trading entities - this is more commonly termed fractioner ownership.

Tokenization of intellectual property is a new concept but it has made it possible for investors to buy into part of the shares that is offered by the seller of holder of intellectual property. IP specialists are now enraptured because it seems that almost everything of a monetary value — tangibles and intangibles — can be offered and managed via security tokens via block chain networks. The beauty of block chain trading is that it offers a sense of security and peace of mind. Till this date, many singers have gone on the tokenization path to offer shares of their song's royalties - it is done through a process called a security token offering (SCO) - a digital token that represent a share in their protected work. Likewise, you will also be able to offer a securitised token offering for your intellectual properties. A tokenization framework is usually structured in the form of block chain where the buying and selling is effected using smart contract - so as to offer a sense of security. With this tokenization program, many entities, both individuals and corporate will find an easier path towards monetisation of their valued intangible properties. Here at Patentagentip we have a Tokenization Program called "TOKSECRET" where intellectual property (trade secrets) holders can sell shares to the public through a token trading platform. It will also encourage entities to shore up their intellectual properties portfolios to take the opportunity to increase their intangible assets. But in order to partake this tokenize platform, you will need to have an intellectual property that others wished for. In case you have a good commercial idea (it could be a patent or a trade secret) but yet to have it writen out, then we can help you to realise your dream. Maybe this will help - we help you to create your patent

In case you do not have any idea, we will offer help by providing you with the idea but before that we will need to conduct a patent analytics of your business.

Why Tokenize your Trade Secrets ?

Reasons to monetise your IP rights (trade secrets)

What constitute a trade secret?

According to WIPO, unlike patents or copyrights, trade secrets never expire nor do they require an idea to be unique or original. All you need to do to protect a trade secret is demonstrate that it's valuable to your company, and that you've taken reasonable steps to keep the information secret. That sounds like the best thing to be tokenized. And indeed, we at Patentagentip have managed to tokenized our series of inventions so that interested individuals may buy (fractioner ownership) into them as a hedge against inflation. And unlike trade marks and patents, we do not need to register it with the authorities (patent office) - there lies the ease of managing the process of assignment.

* Allow capable parties to make use of intellectual property and to further develop it

* Allow others to have a license to further develop it.

* Increases the monetary value of the IP rights

* Increase your company's net worth so that you can go for an IPO

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