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solar-wind powered condo ventilation system

Solar/Wind powered cum solar tower system to provide air ventilation for the bottom levels of condos. Works 24 hours. Patent applied. In an effort to go green, we have designed a solar/wind powered air ventilation tower for high rise buildings. This is especially suitable for buildings in tropical climates where during the daytime temperatures can rise to 40 degree celcus. As there is normally a presence of wind blowing at the upper levels, the temperature at the lower levels which is normally devoid of wind can be very uncomfortable to the residents. As such the residents in these lower level of high rise building have to resort to air conditioning. The idea of a solar/wind powered air ventilation system is to help reduce the stifling temperature at the lower levels by way of sucking out the hot air through the inbuilt ventilation system using solar/wind energy which is able to run for twenty four hours thus saving on electricity bill. Alternatively the solar/wind system is capable of generating extra electricity which can be stored for other uses. In a comercial setting, the solar/wind ventilation system is built like a solar tree with multiple solar panels. Also alternatively the solar/wind ventilation system can be run on a concentrated solar system, albeit with a heat storage system powering a turbine. Solar panels can also be built dense and multiple towers can be incorporated to increase the wattages generated.

solar powered ship

Solar/wind powered ship is the new paradigm to go green in the oceans. As sea going ships have depended heavily on fossil fuel for their power, we will have to look for solutions to help reduce the carbon footprint of sea going ships. The solar/wind powered ship system is designed to help ships to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel as solar and wind is present in the oceans. Solar to power in the day time and wind to power at night. Ships can instal multiple solar/wind towers to increase the availability of green power. Also air ventilation/air conditioning 24 hours is made possible by the use of solar/wind tower.