What we should redesign

Opportunities triggered off by COVID-19

With COVID-19 becoming endemic in our society, we will need to redesign and re-engineer how we go about our lives. Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) is very contagious and according to the experts, there are two main ways that we can contract the virus. One is through the air and the other is through the things that we touch. So we will need to re-engineer how things work.

For transmission (virus) through the air we will need to :-

* Redesign our face mask - perhaps even have a 3D printer that measures our face contours and then go about making a face mask that fits. Also an eye shield that fits our face and maybe an accompanying device fitted onto the face mask that ventilates and doses oxygen. This opportunity suites the opticians.

* Redesign the air conditioning system to an open space conditioning system. Especially true for our hospitals where conditioned air is recirculated for all to contract virus and germs.

* Redesign heating and ventilation system in our homes, vehilcles and office buildings (urgent).

* Do away with working in the office. Go work at home.

* Have a re-think of how a supermarket operates. Maybe door step delivery should be prioritise.

* Redesign how banks work. Fintec comes to mind.

For transmission (virus and germs) through the things that we have to touch:-

* First on the list is the door handles, switches, lift buttons and computers: we need to go touchless as soon as possible.

* Cashless is the new normal.

* Oh, all those touch screen in public places will have to go - certainly the place to spread virus. Proximity Sensors will have to be enabled.

* Compartmentalise (airspace) UBER vehicles. As well as public vehicles.

* Don't speak up unessessarily (if we don't open our mouth to spit out virus). Learn sign language as a backup means to communicate. Redesign our handphones to prioritise speak on our behalf.

* Do not go where there is a crowd. We might have to change our culture and traditions for the good of mankind.