idea manipulation

Psychology of Ideation

Ideation is the process of generating thoughts or suggestions. This may also refer to a psychological state of fantasy in which the individual imagines in either a creative way – construe moving images of processes. Ideation refers to the process of developing and conveying prescriptive ideas to others, typically in a business setting. It describes the sequence of thoughts, from the original concept to implementation. ... Ideation is best expressed in graphical, written, or animated forms. Everything starts with an idea. Arguably, even the most innovative breakthroughs have humble origins as simple ideas – rendered with animations. Ideation is essential to the development of innovative products and services where it will assist with beating the competitions.

The relationship between quantity of ideas and creativity: in creative practices, it is widely accepted that, by generating many ideas, there is a higher probability of coming to a creative solution. However, there is also evidence that fewer ideas are positively correlated with higher originality. Not only that, with fewer ideas you will be able to concentrate on the few and then to make it work. It is important to note that the person conjuring up the idea must be able to continue to add to the idea in terms of how the idea is going to work in the marketplace – main thing is to make it work at the least cost. In terms of creativity, less is best and so the person who comes up with a viable idea must immediately be focus on it and to put aside the rest of the ideas – but if the team is large enough then it would be better to allow the others to also pick on those ideas and allowed them to be expanded so that novel but unrelated ideas might not be abandoned. It is also important to put all the ideas on a map – ideas can be better grasp if it is animated.

Ever heard of the term 'useless ideas' - well, they come about very often especially from people who are normally not of normal thinking. But seriously, we should not treat any idea as useless because there is no such things like a useless thing – only blame our inapt of not able to transform it into a golden eagle. Ideas are the basic brick to build a house – the more we transform the idea the more complex the house will be. Unfortunately not everyone is able to twist things around because you will need an out of the box mind-set to see the thing in a different perspective than that of a normal thinking person. Here lies the setbacks of what our educational system is capable of doing – the teacher is only duty to teach what is conventional. So students learn at an early stage of how things should be, rather than to allow them to think differently. Ideations which are useful will depend on the tinkerer, the one who is more aligned to think differently from the crowd.