Malaysian Patent Landscape Analytics

Inventor centric Patent Analytics that will give you practical insights and great ideas to go about taking your market by storm - intelligent analysis of the intellectual property landscape plus feeding in of innovation spark off by inventors and made available for anybody who aspires to possess a patent!

What can a normal run of the mill patent landscape analysis tell you?

First of all a patent landscape will give you a good view of what your competitors are doing.

Second, you will know which direction to go.

Third and most probably the most important is that you will get a lot of time thinking about what you should do and like most people will not do anything because surprisingly, a knowledge of the patent landscape will lead you to be more confuse - you will not have any insights after reading all those beautiful charts and infographics!

Furthermore, what if you don't have a patent or something that you want to file?

Obviously more delays and inaction as you ponder on.

So get in touch with us and let us help you in the creation of a patent - let us have an inkling of what is in your mind and we will go to work out an idea for you. We are sure that with our idea to play about, you will be able to experience enheighten excitement, the kind of motivation like you come off with a great idea for the first time.

• Technology Trends that are published – you will be aware of the type of technology that is being developed. It is now a trend to go out there and to scoop up all the information about a particular subset of patent. It is now easily done by software run by just anyone from the office. With the information gathered it will probably be able to warn you of what not to step into, so you will need to think of something new which is what is required in this dog eat dog scenario. A patent landscape will probably tell you about those patents that had already been published or in the public domain. But what about those that have yet to be published? Which is even more important because they are more current to the topic - so there has to be a way of forcasting, sort of extrapolating. And we do that here by using a mix of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity culled from our twenty over years of experience in patenting which you will not get from any other program. Period.

Here at Patentagentip, we will first do a brainstorm session with our industry experts. This will be followed by the use of our patented "computer vision artificial intelligence engine" which will render published patents in their virtual form with focus on animating the content (where there are disgrams) so that corporate engineers will be able to understand what the patent signify. This is a propreitary program designed by our engineers to dig into the information (in the form of diagrams) to learn and have a better understanding of how a thing works (if it contains mechanical infor or software).

Then and only then that we have an proper insight (from human), we will then narrow down the item to focus and also searching for the market awarenes. It is that important element that we call the human touch, which is using our industry knowledge to figure out a way to beat the competitors. If we were to depend on only on artificial intelligence and natural language processing which is what is the norm out there to dig out relevant information, then the so called insights (from software) would not be useful for they will probably be lack of any entrepreneural sparks, something that will make the difference. As it is after all gathered by computers, it will not offer you any useful insights nor will it spark you to think of something new that you can do. Anyway what the landscape study tells you is of those that are published – it does not tell you of recent developments especially from the market place. You will be well advised to trip on something that is far off the beaten track. Something out of the box would be a better bet - and we are there to help you.

• Who are the major players – the landscape will tell you who your competitors are if you were to do the same thing.

• Time of development – often enough a look at the different time of the developments will tell you how far you can go. If most of the developments were crowded at a certain span of time, then it would be better to go to some other developments as it could be a small spark from a big crowd.

• Geographical Spread – they are probably only four major groups consisting of Greater America, Europe, China and Japan/Korea. It would also indicate as to where the developments will be used.

Why a normal patent landscape study offered by the many analytics company will lead you to nowhere!

First of all it would be safe to say that the data were most probably culled from the many publishers available on tap and it is normally free to boot. You will have to go through the whole report that has nothing insightful to say except for some glorifications of pie charts and list of so called relevant knowledge. Knowing these developments will not lead you to be wiser; rather it will probably tell you that there are many areas that you should not gointo. What they called insights is derived from big data, read off from servers. You will sooner realise that all those analysis from different analytics program are the same and they seldom lead you to any spark of idea. Yet, a lot of big companies rely on it as it is convenient – just by a click of a mouse you will get the whole picture on your desktop. Or you will waste a lot of time studying it and trying to get an insight. Well, a lot of other guys are also looking at the same thing – so no one will get a spark unless he is the kid that thinks out of the box which is some thing that we are good with as out team is made up of inventors.

Can Big Datahelp you to spark invention?

Yes and No!

Yes because with the help of big data you will be able to see more things which will widen your scope. However it is also true that with the help of big data, you will not be able to focus on those little tiny things that are easier to handle. The sponsors of big data would like you to believe that they will draw you to those insights or trends that they say will make the difference. Unfortunately you will not hear of people getting their spark from big data insights. Trends will help you to focus on those things that are happening but it will not help you to figure something out of the ordinary - and indeed it is those out of the ordinary that will surprise people, something the patent practisioners termed non obvious which is what the patent examiner would be looking for before they grant you the patent. We are therefor for the belief that big data is of no help for sparking innovations, rather it is those little little things that will make you curious enough to ponder more. Ponder more means you will start to dream of possibilities - which are the spark of innovations!

Can Artificial Intelligence assist in IP Analytics?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can supplement human intelligence to analyse patent and IP publications culled from the public repositories but even with help from such advancement in machine learning, it is still a long way before the stage where human inputs are not required. With AI things can move faster but only on relevant searches. Still there are many areas where it has been conveniently missed as not significant information and thus ignored. Using AI will involve a shift from keyword-based searches for patent insights and discoveries, although AI has made it possible for enhanced semantic searches using neural network connections and inferring. With the capability of Machine Learning, AI assisted algorithms will cut short the time to go to market for relevant searches appropriate to determine novelty issues of patents.

AI will assist in the searching of patent info from public libraries and websites. As the number of publications have increased ten folds, it is no more feasible to search for keywords and trends, so instead searching is done by artificial intelligence focussing on the use of neural network analysis and semantic vectors. The increased use of AI have assisted patent examiners all over the world in their quest for searching of meaningful data that can help them in determining whether a patent has merit in terms of novelty. IBM's Watson IP Advisor comes into mind as the main player using artificial intelligence algorithms. Even though AI has given tremendous help in searching for relevant IP information, it is still unable to provide new ideas in the form of ideation of working models. Such being the case, there will be the need of human input to come up with working models. At Patentagentip, we are doing it even as we have been assisted by artificial intelligence in our searching work.

What we do at Patentagentip

First you will have to feed us on what you want to do. It is not necessary that you feed us the exact thing that you want to invent. An inkling of an idea or a rough sketch will surfice. Then we will put our minds to ideate. We will also search the internet for some initial ideas and after that we will further solidify the idea. Ideas must be able to perform something. As well as software. It has to perform something.

We also do a patent landscape analysis but we do not have to depend on it to get an insight. It only serves as a starter point but from there we put our minds – human minds into it and we normally get a fresh idea after digesting the landscape study. Here we have a big difference from the normal run of the mill analyst in that we normally are able to create a spark. For us, even a single spark may churn out a plethora of ideas which we normally will narrow it down to those that we think are doable without incurring a great expense. Further developments will normally take place as we will have to do further research to narrow down those that are right for the market. It does take some time though as compared to the one dished out by those who claim to be able to conjure great insights. When the development is right, then we will forward it to for consideration – normally you will be greatly surprised that we have come up with the idea. It is a fact that we do surprise our clients on many occasions as our team are consisting of serial inventors. But truth is said, not everybody will agree with us from the start go. Normally further consultations are required to narrow down the idea which will take perhaps months. It must be mentioned here that once an idea is sparked, the evolvement will take place with further sparks and some market researching to boot. So you see we do it differently and uniquely as well.

Still, even with the help of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, it would not be easy to create anything worth while. You will need the art of being creative which you can read it here