Ideation Factory

How often are you being asked "any idea" and then you go about scratching your head for a good answer?

Let us nail down what we mean by ideation. Ideation is a creative process where you start to build whatever you are assigned. Let us take an example – suppose someone ask you to build an addition to the house like an extension to a house where you can store up your food. So what you need to do is to visualize an extension to the house – perhaps an additional space next to the kitchen. You will need to make some measurements like how big your extension will need to be – and how high. Just like a traditional house you will need to start with a brick – and where to put it. Then it is from there that you will need to add additional bricks to build the space you want – and a roof and door. So your ideation starts with a brick as well as to how to build it up.

Well, it is often new ideas that make the world go round. As for old ideas, just do a spin on it and you have a new idea but in order to begin with ideation, you will need to feed us on perhaps a vague idea of what you want to ideate. That is why we have the Ideation Factory which is led by a team of inventors/innovators whom will be able to help you generate ideas that you can use. Also, we do not use machine algorithm to generate ideas as it won't be unique and novel - it is just plain silly to think that machines can be commanded to churn out ideas! "Does your idea work" is another often encountered keyword at home and workplace. In order not to waste time pondering reading over those tips that you get from experts, we will help you to generate ideas that inventors are attuned to. No guessing, just plain working idea - either of the hardware kind or the software type! That is our unique proposition and it is a third party suggestion so it will surely surprise your team. And finally, it is not a algorithm churned thing which you can get from others in the ideation business. We however will first of all do a patent and innovation analysis of it before we go further moulding it into something that you can use - say like something you can buy off the shelf.

The Ideation Factory that will help change the intellectual property landscape and also how you live.

Ideation Factory is our purposely designed ideation engine that will help us to spark new ideas and working models for work or patenting. Ideation Factory will first of all being assisted by an Artificial Intelligence Module that is able to separate out those that are irrelevant to the topic such that we will be able to focus faster on those that might help us in our patent analysis or in our creation. The Ideation Factory is structured to focus on working models be it in hardware form or information technology form. It is made to skew towards innovations and models that have a tinge of novelty in it. A large part of ideation is based on a capability of visioning; a capability to think away from the ordinary.

Ideation Factory has a data base that is updated with all those public publications that is discovered by our search engines. However we do not use those data that had been published and known but we use the published to filter out the ideas that are generated via a combination of an analytic discourse and human inputs. You will see here that the human inputs are the most important as it normally carries the tinge of novelty and newness. In other words it is new and it does not bother us whether it is illogical at a first glance. Unique ideas are termed unique because it will normally surprise people. However, unique ideas cannot be used as it is as it will need to be reshaped and evolve into something more practical. Reshaping and evolvements will require a lot of virtual visioning and it could only be done by our unique team who are inventors/innovators by profession.

The best part of our Ideation Factory is that it is alive. It is first of all alive to the present trend; trends that businessmen is talking about at the moment and not something that have passed like those beautiful pie charts and info graphics. Second, it is alive to the political scene. Much as we might not want, politics does play a large part in our lives - just see what trade wars can bring about! And most certainly you will not see such trends in your everyday algorithms - churned from big data of all things! Politics make our world turn and we will need to extrapolate as to which direction the business world will go; in short we will need to make an intelligent forecast. Here at Patentagentip we do constant engagement with politicians to hear where the wind is blowing. You will not get this future scene from all the analytics that is done using algorithms. Machines don't churn out novelties, just statistics that is available for anyone with the cash to pay.

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