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How to bring up your company's net worth

As competition gets stifling, it goes reason that to increase your company's net worth by increasing intangible assets; that is the easiest path to take. Intellectual Properties come to mind but it is easier said than done if you are trying to obtain one. Accountants are now looking at the company's ability to shore up their intangible assets as a means to look good among the investors. This is easpecially true for internet companies whose value is normally tied to the amount of intellectual properties that they own. Same case with telecomunication companies.

For any company to look progressive among the investors, it must have intangible assets like intellectual properties. But it is not a given that companies can just conjure up some good ideas as they like. It really needs the thinking power to break away from competitors. Companies like Microsoft have intangible assets valued at over 900 billion dollars and among the top valued in terms of intangible assets are pharmaceuticals who spent a large sum of their money on research and development. But just how do we shore up our intangible assets? Well, here at Patentagentip, we help corporates to create their own patents. We have been doing it for a number of years especially for small and medium enterprises who normally don't have enough funds to do their R & D. If you are on the beat to have your own intellectual property, do give us a thinker then. It might be easier than what you think!

Intangible assets like intellectual property play a significant role in enhancing the intrinsic value of a business entity. Investor’s perception of the reputation of the company in the market is the elements of success of any company. In this respect, it is the case of the more the better. And ask any telecommunication company you will have a view that they would feel very uncomfortable if they do not own any patents, what more with one company suing another for infringements. As the business world is becoming a global village, the importance of the intangible assets like intellectual property, technological one up man ship and business relationships become critical to the survival of the business. Then you also have someone eyeing to buy you over because you possess intellectual property like an established mark.

Then there is licensing. If you have no use for your patent, you can license it to someone else. Take for example Microsoft which licenses its Android OS to others. It was reported that Microsoft earns 2 over billion dollars per year from licensing grants to such giants like Google, Samsung and a glot of others who uses in in their handphones (microsoft may not earn anymore due to android being given to free sourceware body). Microsoft only collects five dollars for each license and to add to that they themselve had terminated their own Windows Mobile a couple of years ago! This is a case where you don't have to work for your living and won't you want to be like Microsoft? Good, then we are here to help you but you must make a move now. Owning patents is like going out to grab a piece of land which do not yet belong to anybody if only you can see where is it!

We will help you to create your patent using what we called a knowledgeable view of intellectual property landscape. Creating a patent will take time as we will need to scour the patent global landscape. We are fortunate in that we will be assisted by using artificial intelligence to help us narrow down the known technology. After that it will be sheer knowhow as we go about crafting the patent to suit your domain. We will also be able to craft for you an entirely new idea so that you can diversify as a way to beat your neighbour! Having a new product will go a long way in overcoming stiff competitions that normally faces the inteprid entreprenuer and also a means to move forward and foregoing what you have been doing all these while. We can help you as we are a multiple patent holder.

Intangible assets like patents add value to any company although it does not usually reflected on the balance sheet. This is because it is difficult to give a value to it as it has not been sold. However, smart investors do dig into the account to see what assets are available. Intangible assets can be listed in the company prospectus but without their monetary value ascribed to it. You will need to know how to put a value to it from your business experience. Still, having intellectual property in a company can really add value especially when these intangible assets allows protection from competitors. In a globalised world, you will need to do anything from being devastated by your competitor from a pricing basis.