BioNexus Status

bionexus status

BioNexus is a special pioneer status created by BiotechCorp Malaysia and is awarded to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies. The status bestows fiscal incentives, grants and other guarantees to assist growth. This status is awarded to qualified companies undertaking value-added biotechnology and/or life changing science activities. Apart from the overall benefits and support, BioNexus companies are assured a list of privileges as stipulated in the BioNexus Bill of Guarantees.

BioShoppe (created 2013) is a market access platform created by BiotechCorp aiming at enhancing market access and commercialisation of natural-based products by BioNexus status companies, particularly, in the area of biocosmeceutical and pharma nutrition. The idea of BioShoppe was mooted to help bridge the gap of getting the products to market by providing visibility and also enabling the companies to have exposure to the retail environment in order for them to enhance their market penetration.

BioShoppe promotes a wide range natural-based wellness product including health supplements, cosmetics and personal care, functional food and aromatherapy products. In line with the aspirations of the National Biotechnology Policy, venturing beyond Malaysia’s borders would require the products of BioNexus status companies within BioShoppe to attain globally acceptable standards and accreditation besides complying with all regulatory requirements. You will see that when you are accorded the BioNexus status, you will gain tremendously with the support of BiotechCorp Malaysia besides getting tax incentives for ten years.