autonomous mobile air purifier

Autnomous Robotic Mobile Air Purifier

What is an Autonomous Robotic Mobile Air Purifier?

autonomous mobile air purifier

How an Autonomous Robotic Mobile Air Purifier work in a room?

An autonomous mobile air purifier designed to be able to move around on its own to its target for the purpose of extracting in of polluted air (includes those from the nose, mouth and anus) given off by a person sitting in a room. Autonomous Mobile Air Purifier is embeded with sensors so that it could navigate its way around the room, and with its built-in intelligence to search for its target and thence to move towards it to do its work - which is to extract in the polluted air (could contain harmful pathogens) for filtering and sanitisation. It also uses moving image processing technologies as one of its multiple technologies to identify its target. It is powered by a battery and a powered wheel and can be recharged by a wireless charging module fixed under the floor or wall area.

The idea of allowing air purifier mobility (robotic in nature) is to enable it to scour for exhaled air which contains virus such as that of coronavirus. Although the machine is unable (yet) to detect coronavirus, it can detect the presence of exhale air which has a higher temperature than the surrounding air via an infrared wave detector - it forms a variating heat map. It also reads it by using artificial intelligence once it detects the higher temperature, it will command its motorised wheels to move towards that target using LDS laser scanning system - thus moving autonomousely without the need for human input. It is for this reason its called intelligent and not because it is connected to the remote controls. A convenience for our busy life and a convenient way to extract out polluted air - the extracted polluted air is then sent to a chamber where it is filtered and sanitized before recirculated into the environment.

We are now living in an environment full of pathogens – some of it is outright dangerous as like that of the coronavirus type. Since we spent much of our leisure time in our living space, it would be logical to ensure that the air is safe for breathing in, so we should go all out to make it safe. People normally catch disease spread from the air and in particular their office environments where air containing harmful pathogens is brought in by others (who has influenza) – we really have to look into this aspect of pathogen spreading since we are now living in the pandemic era. We might be able to wear face mask but it becomes an inconvenience that we might not want to bear in our home environment. A solution to that problem is to install an robotic mobile air purifier to cleanse the room air. However, since the air purifier is small in size compared to the room size, it would have to be bear heavily on the air purifier to work in ensuring that the air is safe, especially to the air that near surrounds us – it is further made worse because there is that air conditioner which is blowing air around in the wrong direction:air (cool or warm) should be directed from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor – this is a must for the pandemic era to ensure that we do not pass our breathe to others sitting close to us.

The right solution is to enable the robotic mobile air purifier to be able to move around by it directed according to where it senses the heat (dynamic) from human breath. Normal air purifiers will not make the grade because it would just go to work whilst being switch on and remain stationary – they do not have the intelligence to know where (it should be near to the person breathing out) to work. In contrast, the autonomous mobile air purifier designed by Patentagentip engineers is able to work intelligently – it knows where to extract the foul air and it knows where there is no warm carbon dioxide (it is endowed with a CO2 detector) when there is no occupant. Autonomous mobile air purifier knows when to throttle down when it does not detect any heat (moving pattern) and so it really leaves us free to do other things – it also help us to save on fuel because we have enabled it with intelligence. There is however another aspect of fuel saving; if we will to integrate it with the air conditioner (intelligence enabled too) as it would be able to further save fuel burning – a coordinated air conditioner and air purifier will know when to throttled up and down when it is able to sense human activities. That is a tall order which no ordinary air purifier or air conditioner can perform – we are all concerned with saving fuel, not because we can't afford it but more of saving the world from being burnt down.

Additionally, the intelligent mobile air purifier is connected to the internet to allow remote monitoring and away from home-based control. It is also Iot enabled so we will know whether the filters are working properly - it will also give a buzzing signal when its filters are clogged up. The drawn in air is first filtered off (HEPA) and then led into a chamber (large and circuitous) with ultra-violet light exposure - this is to kill off any remaining pathogens. There is also an option to include another chamber which will have alcohol dowsing which will further ensure that the corona virus is exterminated. All in, this intelligent robotic mobile air purifier will help you to save fuel and it is designed to leave you time to do other things without having to be bothered about fidgeting it.

As for fighting off coronavirus, the intelligent mobile air purifier acts like a robot, moving the air purifier (by using its embedded intelligence) to its targeted location to help extract away exhaled breath from occupants. The robot by itself is able to navigate around with its motorized wheels directed by the robot’s intelligence. Its target is often determined by the way the intelligence module reads the heat map but there are occasions where there are more than one target (multiple persons spread across the room), then it will use its intelligence to move to different targets consecutively, thus ensuring that everybody is served. Indeed this is the new way to help us fight the spread of pathogens, especially those which are airborne – this is the rightful active system instead of the convention way where you stand in a corner and wait for the polluted air to reach you after some time. Although the intelligent mobile air purifier is ground based and thus able to only scour the ground level air, it however is designed to be able to be integrated into an airborne device like a drone that is able to also scour the air above ground levels – so every section of the environment is covered.

Robotic mobile air purifier is designed by Patentagentip

Alternately, there is another layer of the environment that this intelligent mobile air purifier is connected to – that is the under floor level. You can have a purposed built under floor level that helps in drawing in of exhaled breathe via designed holes built into the floor pan. This is suitable where you have a large area like that of an office space or convention hall because you are talking of a huge amount of exhausted mass (exhaled air) where the mobile air purifier is incapable of capturing. So in this scenario the mobile unit is only helping to scour areas that are densely populated and at the target of the level above the floor more acquainted with the level where the air is exhaled – two feet above ground where people are seated. When the mobile unit is integrated into the under floor system (there are actuators and sensors embedded) and together with the airborne system (drones: mobile or tethered) then we can say that we have a total solution where health issues are taken into serious conditions – like when dangerous viruses are found all over the place.

Patented :Item Code P51324