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Besides business model creation, we also provide critically important aspect of business mentoring. We will help in creating the most suitable business model at the appropraite location. We handle both conventional businesses and ICT businesses. If you are a startup, it would be most important that you choose a business model that will be able to survive the stiff competition. We can help you in business modelling and technology.

robotic ray

Be better prepared for IR 4.0

Robotic Ray-machine now mimics nature

We are now in the realm of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and it is now possible to turn everything automatic. It is also a costly exercise. There is a fear that the small entrepreneur will be wiped off because of the lack of funds. How then would you prepare for this coming onslaught?.

They called it efficiency. And there will be less need for workers. You will need to be innovative to ride out this cycle. Are you ready? We are and we will help you along this very tough journey....

How can we help YOU?

We can help you to create your intellectual properties like patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights. All you need to do is just to have a vague idea of what you want to do and then pass it to us to build it up. Once you have your intellectual property protected, we will help you apply for a commercialisation grant to build up your business. And to go to market as well. How about it? If you are interested to learn more, then give us a thinker.

You will also see our contributions to Science & Technology on the adjoining spaces-Game of Drones, Air/Underwater Robot, Rotary Magnectic Levitation Train and Synthetic Muscle Limbs are all pioneered and patented by Patentagentip Engineering. Maybe you can too!



Patent, Trademark, Industrial Designs, Copyrights and everything intellectual property

msc status

Msc Status Application

Msc Status Application, Bionexus Status Application


Malaysian Grants

MTDC Grants, Cradle Funds, MITI Entrepreneur Development Scheme

pioneer status

Malaysian Pioneer Status

Malaysian Pioneer Status Applications

green technology funding

Green Technology Funding

Applying for Green Technology Financing Scheme

drone battle at iskandar

Johor Game of Drones

Looking for thrills? Well you will find it all here and more..?

unmanned underwater vehicle

Unmanned Underwater Robotic Vehicle

Looking for a UUV that can both fly and swim?


Metro Maglev

World's first Metro Transit Train run on magnetic levitation..?

artificial limbs

Synthetic Muscle Limbs

First of its kind. Synthetic Muscle Limbs to replace your old robotic arm ..?

innovation seminar

Innovation Seminar

The secrets to be innovative and how to ride on top the IR 4.0 wave........

can sme embrace ir4.0?

Industrial Revolution 4.0

How do small enterprises get into the game of Industry 4.0?.......