• patents

    Malaysia Patent Agent

    Malaysian registered patent agent offering filings of patent in Malaysia and other countries.

    PatentAgentip adalah sebagai konsultant yang menawarkan perkhidmatan harta intelek (paten) dalam atau luar negara.

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  • Malaysian Intellectual Company offering registration of Trademarks in Malaysia and other countries

    PatentAgentip adalah sebagai konsultan yang menarwakan perkhidmatan cap dagangan dalam atau luar negara

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  • msc status application

    Msc Status Application

    Malaysian research company offering Msc Status Application Consultation... Read more

  • unmanned underwater vehicle

    Unmanned Underwater Robotic Vehicle

    The only Unmanned Underwater Robotic Vehicle that is able to stradle air and water... Read more

  • johor game of drones

    Johor Game of Drones

    Get the best thrills of your life at Johor Game of Drone... Read more

  • metro maglev transit system

    Metro Maglev

    First of its kind in the world. Rotary Magnetic Levitation Train designed for the Metropolitan area... Read more

  • artificial limps

    Synthetic Muscle Limps

    First of its kind Synthetic Muscle Limbs ... Read more

  • innovation seminar

    Synthetic Muscle Limps

    Innovation Seminar ... Read more