Patentagentip offers a wide range of services besides the creation of patents

Patent Analytics

Inventor-lead patent analytics and patent landscape


Inventor/Innovator-lead innovation sparking

Patent/Trademark/Utility Innovation/Industrial Design/Copyright filing

Filing of patent, utility innovation, industrial design, trademark and copyright worldwide

Msc Status Qualifying

Msc Status Application

Ideation Factory

Inventor/Innovator-lead ideation engine

IP Licensing

Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights through Tokenization

Why Us

We have a team of market aligned inventors and innovators who will help you to spark off new products and services. We also have a large team of industry experts who come from other countries to advice you on the latest market developments just so that you can be market leaders.


We have a very affordable pricing structure for the one-man-show to the industry breakout team. Price Quotes on request.