Malaysian Registered Patent Agent and some....

We are a registered Malaysian Patent Agent/Utility Innovation/Trademark/Industrial Design Agent entity speciallising in helping you create your patent in order to obtain tax exemption as proposed by Malaysian Budget 2020.

We pride ourselve to be able to create new patents (even when you provide us a vague idea), to file and to protect your intellectual property in Malaysia and other countries.

But first of all, let us help you in your intellectual property (IP) creation. It always sound very easy when we talk about creation but is it really easy?

Some professionals will tell you that they can help you create your IP in a matter of days. Yes, it is possible but would you want to rush into it that important asset creation termed intellectual property?

For all intents, please do not have a professional doing a rush job for you as you might regret it later on when all sorts of problems arise.

At Patentagentip, we will take our time to study and to do research on your idea whether it is at the ideation or prototype stage. We have to look at every angle because we are talking about a product that has a life span.

We will look at it from a creator's point of view as we are creators ourself.

Then we will look at it from the point of production;you will need to be a producer yourself in order to mete justice to it.

Then we will have to look at it from the legal point of view; what sort of protection do you have.

And last but not least, look at your competitors or those with competing technologies.

So you see, it is a big job and the cost that you are going to endure, right!

But no worry as you will be in good hands.

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One of our many inventions
unmanned underwater vehicle
Unmanned Underwater Robot that also fly as marine monitoring vehicle
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Real Drone Battling Game
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Low Speed Rotary Magnetic Levitation Train
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Synthetic Muscle Arm, Face, Body and Leg
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condo ventilation
Solar/Wind powered condo ventialtion
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This aircon is obsolete
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Welcome to the world of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Patentagentip would like to offer its expertise in the realm of Industry 4.0 transformation.

We know that Industry 4.0 is here at our doorstep and we will need to change our way of doing things, especially on the way we do our manufacturing processes. Let us help you in this innovation cycle as we have been dealing with out of the box ideas to achieve product innovations. The way we do it might not cost you the earth and that is important as we see everybody rushing to equipe themselves with off the selve solutions. Be different and don't follow the crowd.

With COVID-19 becoming endemic for the foreseeable future, we will need to take a look at the changes that will affect our lives. Indeed, we will need to make drastic change to the way we go about doing our business and top of the list is the way we go about our manufacturing business. For all those who had to endure lockdowns, you would know what the meaning of isolation is. And in the manufacturing business, you would know what the meaning of being shut down is. But how do we go forward then? One solution is of course to tweak our manufacturing towards full automation. With full automation, you will be able to control it from your bed even if you have to adhere to all those lockdown conditions that is supposed to arise from this sporadic epidemics that we are going to face from now onwards. We are talking about Industry 4.0. We will have to deal with a smaller workforce and we will need to be able to efficiently produce our products in the face of sporadic disruptions. Indeed, this is the time where you will have to embrace Industry 4.0 for you will not have a better choice. COVID-19 and perhaps some other forms of virus that we might not even know of will shape how we live from now onwards. The least we can do is to prepare ourselves for it. COVID-19 is both a bane and opportunity. Bane because we will all have to be careful of what we do. Of course there is also an opportunity because we will have to redesign our implements just so that we do not have to contract the virus. You might want to know of the opportunity here.

Get in touch with us to learn new insights or take a look at what we have to offer with regards to Industry 4.0 here