Patentagentip offers a wide range of services besides the creation of patents

Patent Analytics

Inventor-lead patent analytics and patent landscape


Inventor/Innovator-lead innovation sparking

Patent/Trademark/Utility Innovation/Industrial Design/Copyright filing

Filing of patent, utility innovation, industrial design, trademark and copyright worldwide

Msc Status Qualifying

Msc Status Application

Ideation Factory

Inventor/Innovator-lead ideation engine

IP Licensing

Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights through Tokenization

Why Us

We have a team of market aligned inventors and innovators who will help you to spark off new products and services. We also have a large team of industry experts who come from other countries to advice you on the latest market developments just so that you can be market leaders.

Our contribution towards fighting Covid

Take a look at our many ideas to fight Covid desktop vacuuming to extract exhaled breath here