Malaysian Registered Patent Agent offering a unique inventor-lead Patent Analytics and Landscaping regime

We are a registered Malaysian Patent Agent/Utility Innovation/Trademark/Industrial Design Agent, Patent Analytics and Inventor-Lead Inventing-as-a-Service (IAS) entity speciallising in helping clients to create their own patent. Increasing your potfolio of intellectual properties will inevitably lead to an increased asset value of a company-in case you are looking forward to list your firm.

We pride ourselve to be able to create new patents (even when you only provide us a vague idea) to increase company's net worth, to file and to protect your intellectual property in Malaysia and other countries. We can help you invent as well.

But first of all, let us help you in your intellectual property (IP) creation. It always sound very easy when we talk about creation but is it really easy?

Some professionals will tell you that they can help you create your IP in a matter of days. Yes, it is possible but would you want to rush into it that important asset creation termed intellectual property?

For all intents, please do not have a professional doing a rush job for you as you might regret it later on when all sorts of problems arise.

First thing first before you go out to integrate yourself to the commercial world, it would be best if you can take a minute to mule over your business plan and in particular whether you have anything to protect. For that, intellectual property comes to mind. Do you have any of them? If not then you will need to create them as they will form an important form of assets. If you are a producer, then you need a patent or at least an utility innovation or an industrial design. If you also do trading then you need to have a trademark on the things that you trade and copyright if you are into software. For all these you will need someone in the know to guide you as you can't afford to make mistake or you will have to face setback for years. Let us be your guide then with no obligations as we have plenty of free ideas.

At Patentagentip, we will take our time to study and to do research on your idea whether it is at the ideation or prototype stage. We have to look at every angle because we are talking about a product that has a life span.

We will look at it from a creator's point of view as we are creators ourself.

Then we will look at it from the point of production;you will need to be a producer yourself in order to mete justice to it.

Then we will have to look at it from the legal point of view; what sort of protection do you have.

And last but not least, look at your competitors or those with competing technologies. It is also good to take a look at the market offer as it will give an indication of the kind of technology that is available. We could then extrapolate to the next step of technology that will most likely to come to market. Having such knowledge will allow us to fine tune the technology level that we are going to file.

So you see, it is a big job and the cost that you are going to endure, right!

Do I have a good reason to file this patent?

A question very often in the mind of a person that is considered brave enough to not do anything important. A producer will often ask as to whether is it necessary to file for a patent knowing that it is just a small improvement on what is available in the market. Well, most people would want to be looked as a meek person, so it would be far fetching to go and file for a patent on the little thing that they have conjured out. Here is an anecdotal case of a meek guy who found it not wanting to go the way of filing for a patent. Jason is a guy of the older generation. He has been operating a small foundry producing a range of small objects for industrial use. He does not deem it necessary to go and file for a patent on one of his most sought after devices and he has been operating like this for ages. Then on a fine day he receive a letter from a lawyer’s firm commanding him to “cease and desist” as he had infringed on some one’s patent! Hack, “what is this” he shouted to his workers who did not comprehend what the lawyer’s letter mean. It was a letter of demand and he had two weeks to stop what he is doing or else be hauled to court. He then went to see the lawyer and to find out what was it all about.

Unfortunately for him, he was told that a certain person whom he found out had been working for him but left for six years was the guy who was behind the letter of demand. He also found out that his former employee had filed a patent on the device that he had sold. It was a granted patent and so Jason had to answer as to why he had infringed even though it was he who invented it. So the case is like his former employee had stolen his design and went forth to patent it and now wants to claim that Jason had infringed on his product. Could you imagine how mad was Jason when the thief came back and take a bite at you who were actually the inventor? Well, this is the type of case that is happening very often and sad to say it will not be the last of it as people become very cunning and deceitful to say the least. You would hope that it will never happen to you, right? Well, truth be said, little things could turn out to be a shocker, only hope that you won’t be there to face it. The right thing to do is to file it first and then wait for the big moment to come.

How can we help you then?

Patentees normally have these questions.

Is my idea or solution patentable?

Well, there are many things that cannot be patented like for example scientific theories, mathematical methods, discoveries, biological process for the production of plants or animals, micro-biological processes and the products of such micro-organic processes and some software programs. So if your idea is not listed here, then there is a good chance that it is patentable.

How much does it cost?

Patentagentip offers you the cheapest cost in the market, usually half the cost charged by big time players. Cost is usually depends on the complexity of the patent and also on the amount of work to be done.

How long does the patent prosecution take?

For Malaysia, the patent prosecution usually take five years if without problem. If there are queries or objections, then it will take longer. But you can proceed with the marketing of your product once you have filed your application.

What do we do for you?

We will do a simple but relevant search so that we will know what is available in the market. Often enough there will be found similar products in the market or published applications. In that case we will advise you what you can do in order that you do not infringe on others. In case there is no apparent way out, then we will help you create a new way of doing the job or creating a new solution.

We will start to draft your patent basing on what we have found out during the search. Then we will present you the draft for your approval. We will begin the patent prosecution once you have approved for it. You may also suggest amendments to it. Once the patent has been filed, then you may begin to go to market.

As your agent, we will keep track of your application and answer to office action (once) from the patent office.

What would you do if you are confronted by a lawyer for an infringement, something that is happening more and more often?

Well, the right thing to do is not to infringe. But to solve the problem is another thing altogether. No matter what you do, you can always consult us to create another system or solution so that you won't have to infringe. We are ready to help you solve this problem as we are can invent a new solution for you. There are many ways to skin a cat. If only you know how.

But no worry as you will be in good hands.

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Welcome to the world of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and things that will concern you.

Patentagentip would like to offer its expertise in the realm of Industry 4.0 transformation.

We know that Industry 4.0 is here at our doorstep and we will need to change our way of doing things, especially on the way we do our manufacturing processes. But what is there to change? How about being green? Well, you are aware that as signatories of the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, 197 countries (including the US who later withdrew under P.Trump) adopted an international agreement to address climate change that requires deeper emissions reduction commitments from all countries—developed and developing. The agreement aims to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius while making best efforts to keep it to 1.5 degrees Celsius. So that is where you can expext most changes and that is where you should focus on what to innovate. Let us help you in this innovation cycle as we have been dealing with out of the box ideas to achieve product innovations. The way we do it might not cost you the earth and that is important as we see everybody rushing to equipe themselves with off the selve solutions. Be different and don't follow the crowd.

With COVID-19 becoming endemic for the foreseeable future, we will need to take a look at the changes that will affect our lives. Indeed, we will need to make drastic change to the way we go about doing our business and top of the list is the way we go about our manufacturing business. For all those who had to endure lockdowns, you would know what the meaning of isolation is. And in the manufacturing business, you would know what the meaning of being shut down is. But how do we go forward then? One solution is of course to tweak our manufacturing towards full automation. With full automation, you will be able to control it from your bed even if you have to adhere to all those lockdown conditions that is supposed to arise from this sporadic epidemics that we are going to face from now onwards. We are talking about Industry 4.0. We will have to deal with a smaller workforce and we will need to be able to efficiently produce our products in the face of sporadic disruptions. Indeed, this is the time where you will have to embrace Industry 4.0 for you will not have a better choice. COVID-19 and perhaps some other forms of virus that we might not even know of will shape how we live from now onwards. The least we can do is to prepare ourselves for it. COVID-19 is both a bane and opportunity. Bane because we will all have to be careful of what we do. Of course there is also an opportunity because we will have to redesign our implements just so that we do not have to contract the virus. You might want to know of the opportunity here.

Get in touch with us to learn new insights or take a look at what we have to offer with regards to IR 4.0 which would be an important element to drive yourself into the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and to succeed as well.